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Here I go!

I've never blogged before or read a blog. So, what a'm I doing? I think I've been though alot when it come s to parents care and clients care. My step dad had a head injury on 12/2001 my son was only 1 year old. My sister(Janice) lives in Windsor and brother (Bruce) in Indiana. We didn't really think he would ever be able to take care of himself again. With help from the head trauma center at St. Joseph in Ann Arbor he came home...and even golfed again!  In other words not close enough to help. Well I got through that then he feel again in 2004 in the garage. He never recovered and mom broght him home. She had a stroke trying to take care of him. We sold our home and moved in but I and my husband both worked. I started hireing help from agencies....they didn't know what they were doing. So, I opened my own homecare in 2004. Well this is my story, and I make sure people are taken care of. 
From now on my blog will be about family, problems , and solutions. Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions or comments please go to
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