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About Us

My name is Brenda Rademan, I am a co-owner of Stay At Home Care LLC in Allen Park, Michigan, and I’d like to start out by telling you a little bit about how our company started. In 2001 my stepfather, Floyd Roberts, sustained a severe closed head injury. This began my journey with the care of the disabled and elderly. In July of 2004 Floyd fell again, resulting in another closed head injury followed by a stroke.He spent months in various hospitals and nursing homes. My mother, Mary, decided she wanted her husband home to stay and thought she could take care of Floyd herself. In December of that year Mom had a stroke, and I was left struggling to find help.

My family and I did everything we could to try to provide care for my parents. We went through six agencies unsuccessfully. It was then that I decided to open my own home care agency. Diana Cain and I have known each other for over 20 years; we opened Stay At Home Care with a passion to help people.

My name is Diana Cain and I am co-owner of Stay At Home Care. In 1984 my Mother, Frances C. Fugett, was diagnosed with biliary cirrhosis due to diabetes. The disease and the required medications took her life in 1990. My family and I chose to keep our mother in the home she knew and loved so well. She was not able to be left alone, and her doctor appointments, hospital stays and supervision were time consuming and a big challenge to us while we were raising families of our own. If I could have the chance, I would go back and change the way we handled this stressful situation. I would look to a home care agency for respite. That long ago we hadn't heard of home care agencies who would come into your home with help. I chose to open Stay at Home Care to provide compassion and help with others' loved ones.

We at Stay At Home Care are an in-home, non-medical provider that assists individuals and their families to stay comfortably at home. Services we provide are homemaking, light housekeeping, respite, and personal care. Our employees are certified aides and trained caregivers for private duty. Stay At Home Care performs thorough background checks, as well as extensive reference verification of our employees.

All things happen for a reason. Because of the journeys we’ve experienced, we are trying to make a difference in the care of the disabled and elderly. It has been over ten years and our business is still growing. Contact us, you'll receive information about Stay At Home Care and the recent price list of our services. We can email or mail our information to you. We hope you will keep us in mind for your loved ones' needs. We are very passionate about our clients' care and we keep in close contact with them.

Thank you for considering Stay At Home Care. We look forward to providing the best service possible for you and your family.


Brenda Rademan and Diana Cain


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