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Stay in the home you love!Stay At Home Care benefits for seniors
It's not an easy job caring for the elderly, especially if you are trying to do it alone. There comes a time when you will need a break, or just some time alone for yourself. With the constant worry that something may go wrong, personal time becomes nonexistent. Home care is an option for families who need extra help while offering their loved one good quality of life for the rest of their years.
Peace of Mind
STAY AT HOME CAREStay At Home Care has trained, experienced caregivers. This support may include feeding, bathing, exercise assistance and even just casual conversation time. Stay At Home Care offers the peace of mind that  someone  else is able to help with the daily responsibilities that are required for senior care.
One-on-One Care
STAY AT HOME CARENursing homes can be helpful; however, Stay At Home Care offers care on a more personal level. One-on-one care can benefit the elderly by offering them hope and happiness. Most elderly people strive for company and conversation, which is what Stay At Home Care can offer them. A Stay At Home caregiver will spend more time with them, offering care to match the needs of the elderly person. Instead of having to wait their turn to be fed, walked or supervised during a daily activity, a Stay At Home Care caregiver is readily available.
Meals and Exercise
STAY AT HOME CAREMeals are very important, especially in the elderly. A Stay At Home Care caregiver can make the time to produce meals as well as keep a close eye on the amount of food eaten. With Stay At Home Care you benefit from always having someone around, especially if the elderly person is walking about and faces the potential of falling and possibly breaking a bone. We can follow exercises given by the physical therapist or do range of motion.
STAY AT HOME CAREStay At Home Care offers errands to the elderly. The caregiver can take the person to and from various appointments they may have. This benefits the family greatly by not worrying them over who will take the person and where they need to go. Stay At Home Care can also take the worry out of shopping and picking up prescriptions.
STAY AT HOME CARENursing homes can drain a person's pocketbook in a very short time. Although home care costs can add up, it is usually much less than paying for a nursing home or even assisted living. More than likely, the person paying for the expense of home care will feel better about the money spent, as the care is more personalized and the quality of life is far beyond what it could be in a nursing home. Please look at our resource page.
What your pension plan didn't tell you is they may have a clause that pays for home care, please check with them. Call us for a FREE consultation.
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